RoCo Pop It for AwareNI


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RoCo Pop It for AwareNI

AWARE is the depression charity for Northern Ireland. Established in Derry in 1996 to provide a support group for local people experiencing depression and bipolar disorder, the charity has grown to offer a network of 23 support groups in rural and urban areas across Northern Ireland. There are three support groups in Derry/Londonderry, they are free to attend on a drop-in basis and welcome people with depression and bipolar disorder, as well as carers for people with these illnesses. In addition to the support services, AWARE’s Education and Training team deliver over 750 mental health and well-being programmes into communities, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces each year. These programmes include Mood Matters, a 2 hour mental health awareness programme; Living Life to the Full, a CBT-based self-help course, and; Mental Health First Aid, which teaches participants how to recognise symptoms of common mental health problems, provide initial help and signpost a person towards appropriate professional help.


As one support group user, explained, "Depression is a difficult thing to accept you have, these groups help take away the stigma and you realise anyone can get depression. It provides you with confidence and support." 


The sales of Roco’s popits will help to fund AWARE’s support services and their education programmes in post-primary schools.


Visit AWARE’s website for more information on how AWARE can help you, and how you can support their work.

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