RoCo Raw Collection

RoCo Raw Collection 

May 2017 


May 2017 seen RoCo’s latest cut collection ‘Raw’ take its debut.

RoCo's new 'Raw' Collection is the new selection of cuts for 2017 interpreted by the RoCo Creative Team. This collection includes looks for all hair styles , 'grown out', fringes, a Parisian bob and a modernised pixie cut.

Commonly, collections created by hairdressers are inspiration for other hairdressers, this time the RoCo Creative Team kept our clients in mind. This collection portrays a more ‘commercial’ view of hairdressing than RoCo are usually known for, showcasing fresh cuts and styles for both men and women, and wearable styles for clients.

Inspiration for the collection was adopted from French style, capturing individuals with a more ‘effortless’ look in mind with a classic Parisian chicness. The Creative Team used local amateur models to create the latest collection , using  a variety of people to create a different look on each individual.

You can see from each image how clientele can easily handle and maintain their salon look at home , each style comes with its very own ‘How to’ guide, simplifying the beautiful look just for you.

The shoot itself was inspired from the early 90’s campaigns used by classic brands such as Calvin Klein, a very ‘Raw’ look, concentrating solely on the product involved, and in this case, the hair style. The photographer used was none other that Derry girl Megan Doherty , an inspirational photographer recently returned home from New York. Megan has featured in many high end magazines including  Somewhere Magazine, Lomography and Howl New York.

‘Raw’ has taken off massively for the salon with many clients eager to try a new look from the collection, adapted uniquely for each individual.

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Hair -  RoCo Styling Team

Make up - Rwoe Winston and Aggy Podolecka

Men’s Styling - Smith & Gibson

Photographer - Megan Doherty

Models - Ellie Devine, Soak, Kirsten Doherty, Megan Dunne, Loren Kincaid, Caoimhe McLaughlin , Chloe Gibbons , Meave Hinds,  Ryan Watkins, Cathal Doherty