Hairmetic A/W 2016


New Season Trend Alert: Hairmetic!

In the market for a new 'do' to really make a style statement this Autumn/Winter? Then make an appointment at RoCo, the award-winning eco salon on the banks of the River Foyle in Derry. 

Led by the salon's Co-owner Ronan Stewart, this innovative hair hub has just launched a stunning new hairdressing technique known as ‘Hairmetic’. Inspired by the late architect Dame Zaha Hadid who passed away earlier this year, Ronan partnered with popular Northern Ireland firm Gradon Architecture to create the first hair style that incorporates hairdressing skills, architecture techniques and an innovative new colouring process known as pixelated hair. The result? A true work of art and a first for the Irish hairdressing industry!

It was over a few glasses of whiskey that Ronan and Sean Furey from Gradon Architecture came up with this unique new hair style. “The techniques that Sean uses in architecture, reminded me of when I started hairdressing. Those were the same dimensions and angles we used, so we decided to create this new haircut together, merging both hairdressing and architecture” explains Ronan.

“Dame Zaha Hadid was known as the ‘Queen of Curves’, so instead of doing the traditional sharp lines, we would go in total contrast and produce some really beautiful curves!”  

Once the initial ideas were in place, and drawings were complete, the project moved quickly. The pair devised a way in which the haircut could be seen in the very same way a building would be - it can be completely different on the inside from what you see on the outside. “We brought into the mix how a building works. When you enter a building, there’s something completely different in there to what is outside" said Ronan, who worked with a team called ‘Xpresion Creativos' in Madrid, on the pixelated hair colour. This method was then used in the design, colouring the hair internally, so it wasn’t visible at the first glance.

Ronan recognised that its been years since the Hair Dressing technique had been updated, inspired by Vidal Sassoon, a British Hair stylist who created the ‘bob’ hair style, Ronan felt that this new idea is the next big move for Hairdressers.

“In architecture, you walk into a building and you get a sense of surprise. The colour and the pixelation is a reflection on cutting edge architecture, and how these modern techniques allow us to create these beautiful buildings, as well as your hair colour,” added Sean.

Hairmetic is the latest step in Hairdressing, taking inspiration from stunning structures, and incredible designs and incorporating this into a beautiful new hair style. So, next time your searching for a new look, something different, unique and entirely tailored to you, give RoCo a call.