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We pride ourselves at RoCo for our strong ethos to help the environment and do our bit everyday to help.

We try our best to educate our staff, clients , friends and family on simple things they can do to help the environment and reduce, reuse and recycle.


We carry our ethos throughout all aspects of RoCo;

The Salon

You may already know that in our new Eco salon, we have done a lot in order to reduce, reuse and recycle everything from the light fittings to the stations even from the floor to the product shelving.

When we left our original premises due to the fire, we knew that no corners would be cut to ensure our new salon met every high standard we set for ourselves but we wanted to carry our salon ethos throughout the design.
To do this, we recycled every aspect of the design , check out what we've done ;

Stations ; created using old windows and railway stations.

Product Shelving ; created using the ends of wood we had cut to create the stations.

Trolleys; created using an old gym floor from a local primary school.

Light Fittings ; salvaged from an old building and fitted with LED lights , a more efficient energy saving option.


Energy Supply

For our gas and electric supply we use Energia. Energia are an Irish energy company dedicated to creating renewable and sustainable energy resources.


Our products

Ronan and Connor (owners of RoCo), work alongside labs in Ireland, to help create our product range, using natural ingredients when possible.

When packaging these products , we were advised that plastic was the best option , so we chose to use fully recycled PET plastic to package every product we create.
This reduced the volume of plastic made to package any product and allowed us create our ‘refill’ option for customers.


RoCo’s Refill Option

Another way to chose to help the environment, and also encourage clients to do so is via our refill option at RoCo.

As we use recycled plastic for our packaging, we also offer a refill option for all our shampoo, conditioners and a number of other products we offer.

Clients are encouraged to refill their empty products at roco and will receive 33% off the price for doing so. This reduces the number of products we order , reducing the plastic created and increasing the reuse of the plastic already made.


We respect the environment, we have a responsible attitude towards what we can do to help and we do our very best to reduce , reuse and recycle.

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