Gender Neutral Pricing

Connor Grant

What's the difference between men and women ?

An age old question that has been stirring more than just the finance section recently.

What really is the difference ? Realistically, other than the obvious - nothing. 

For this reason the guys at RoCo decided to stop the gender focused pricing that every hairdresser undertakes, why must a guy pay any different to that of a woman ?

It’s the same service , it’s the same product, it’s the same time .

Ronan (co-owner at RoCo) explained, ‘It’s been custom and practice in most hair salons to charge more or less for a service based on a clients gender , rather than the length of hair. We believe that introducing one generic pricing system will help us to promote a fairness and equality across our salon’.

We at RoCo know that this gender neutral pricing system will be a huge hit , and trust that  other salons will follow our example, making prices equal for both men and women.

Connor (co-owner at RoCo) added, ‘Having researched the issue of gendered pricing in close consultation with our clients, we are satisfied that the new gender neutral structure is the best way forward and we look forward to hearing the feedback from new and existing customers over the next few months.’

 The team at RoCo are passionate about every idea they come up with, from Architecture inspired hair to their eco ethos, there is no doubt that they will make gendered pricing a thing of the past.


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