Bubble-gum, Lilac, Peppermint, Ocean Blue, you name it we got it!!

Connor Grant

As we all know the festival season is just around the corner and we couldn’t be any more excited!!  Here at RoCo our Junior Stylists have been playing about with our colours to set the latest upcoming trends!!

Our pastel colours are ideal for summer holidays, festivals, parties and almost any outing over the summer!!  The colours are not permanent which makes it more ideal for the summer months for a little change.

If you aren’t daring enough to try the dyes don’t fear, we have Hair Chalk in store which will change your hair colour in minutes!!  These chalks can be used as a temporary colour on both wet or dry hair and the results are amazing!! 


Tuesday training night was all about experimenting with colours, techniques and individuality!!  We set our Junior Stylists the challenge of creating a new technique for Mermaid Style hair!!  This consisted of research and sketches off what they believe will be the next big trend for the summer months here at RoCo.  The lucky winner will win a prize and have the opportunity to name the technique!!

Check out some of the research our Juniors had combined over the weekend to pace themselves forward in the competition.


The night consisted of every pastel colour you can think off, Candy, Silver, Turquoise, Ocean Blue, Peppermint, Lilac, Blue and many more!!

Check out some of the colours used on the training night below!!

The colours looked amazing even when they were developing!!


All the Junior Stylists were amazing on the night and came up with some unique colour techniques and creative colours!!  However, the winning model was every shade of rainbow and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  

Check out the finished look!!


The colours look fab in plaits aswell which is great for camping weekends, festivals and days at the beach!!



The winning model was coloured and styled by Alanah O’Neill and Karli Powell two off our Junior Stylists.  They each won a massage treatment at Roe Valley Hotel and Spa and got to name the winning technique and colour!!

So the the girls both took themselves away brainstorming and came up with the winning name, 'Candy Locks!!"  

The ladies were more than happy with their technique and finished colour!! 

So if you feel your ready for a temporary colour change for the summer months, give us a call or drop by for a chat!!  You won't be disappointed with he results!!
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