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Connor Grant

Struggling with dull, fine , flimsy hair....check out our client Aoife McGuiggan's review for amazing Visical Products!! 


!!Product Review!!

I have fine hair and it usually looks quite limp and lifeless unless styled professionally (which isn't too often ?) My scalp is also very obvious which doesn't help matters and makes my hair look even thinner.. 

So I'm constantly on the hunt for something to give my hair a bit of "umph" and to hide my very obvious scalp..I have tried many shampoos, conditioners, volumizers, treatments, sprays and gadgets however none of which have given me the desired results or they have been just too time consuming!!

So whilst getting my hair done in the one and only 'RoCo' by my amazing and longtime hairdresser, Ronan, I was complaining about my thin hair and how I felt it was a lost cause. Ronan knows that I like to spend more time on my face than my hair ? so something quite immediate with little fuss would be right up my street.

Being the mastermind that he is, he introduced me to "Viviscal". 

This product claims to give your hair an instant volumizing, thicker and fuller appearance. It's a powder containing fibres which instantly conceal a visible scalp or bald patch in order to make hair look thicker and fuller..

The Verdict:

After using this product for the last 5months I can honestly say it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin!! It covers my visible scalp in seconds!! My hair instantly looks fuller and gives it that "umph" I've always been looking for!! It is perfect for me as I'm always on the go and don't have the time to spend hours blow drying and fixing my hair!! This gives me the look I want and it is so simple..A little spray of hairspray keeps it from moving even in the wind and rain!!

They say a picture speaks a thousand I've attached a before and after to give you all a better idea.. I think you'll all agree-the proof is definitely in the pudding!!

This little gem is available to buy at the award winning 'RoCo' hair salon on the Strand Road.

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